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About Us

Gilkes Energy Ltd (GEL) specializes in the development of hydro power projects in the UK. Building upon the 160 year track record of our parent company Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd (GGG) we have put together a highly-skilled development team which includes a full suite of engineering, commercial, financial and legal expertise ‘under one roof'.

Along with providing investment capital we also manage the project through its five phases:

1. Feasibility.

2. Permitting and planning.

3. Commercial and financial close.

4. Construction.

5. Operations and maintenance.

Using a build, own, operate 'BOO' model, to date we have developed 17 hydro projects in the range 500kW to 2MW which are now generating (see Our Projects).

Benefits to Landowners

As a landowner with hydro potential on your land you have a number of alternatives to bring your project to fruition. You could of course fund the project yourself and hire consultants to manage the process for you. However, not everyone has access to the significant amount of capital necessary to develop a hydro project, nor wants to take this risk.

Our development model allows us to fund the full project and pays the landowner a rental, either a fixed annual amount or a % of income from the hydro project. 

Hydro developments can last 60 years or longer, and structured correctly can generate a healthy long-term income at very low risk for the landowner which could provide financial security for the farm/estate for generations.

We help you understand the key issues associated with your potential project and assess its economic and technical feasibility. Contact us to organize an initial consultation or click here to learn more about hydropower project development.