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1.9MW Bruar Hydro Project starts generating

20th June 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Bruar Hydro Project has now started generating.

The project is located on the Atholl Estate, not far from Pitlochry, Perthshire. Gilkes Energy, together with the Estate Owners, the Troughton family, has developed the project.

Commenting on the project, David Tomb of Gilkes Energy said "The Bruar Hydro project is a classic medium-head design incorporating a single intake, high-pressure pipeline and twin Francis turbines in a purpose built powerhouse. The project uses an existing dam to provide a modest amount of water storage and the dam was reinforced and upgraded as part of this project. The project has been interesting and technically challenging in a number of ways; we had to work out how to use the existing dam structure without compromising its integrity, the project involved a 4.5km large bore GRP pipeline and a high flow rate relative to its power output, and it also involved a long (10km) private wire to connect to the grid. Additionally the weather in winter and spring was quite harsh leading to some delays in commissioning due to snow and restricted access. However, despite these challenges we have delivered the project broadly on time and on budget. We have been working on this ambitious project for more than five years and it's very satisfying to finally now see it come to fruition and start generating electricity."

Commenting on the project, Jamie Troughton for Atholl Estates said "Atholl Estates is delighted to see this project come to fruition. We have been working with the Gilkes Energy team on this project for a number of years and it is exciting to finally see the project built and generating clean, renewable electricity after so much hard work. This project is our fourth hydro project with Gilkes and a major long term investment for the Estate and its future. The Estate is very pleased with the co-operation and good relations we have had throughout with the council and national park planners, SEPA, SNH and SSE. We're also very happy with the finished product which discretely and sensitively fits in with the big Glen Bruar landscape. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project especially the Gilkes Energy team led by David Tomb who brought professionalism, skill and patience to a large and ambitious project."

The photograph above shows the finished dam structure with new intake on the left and upgraded spillway from the original dam on the right.

Click here for more information on the project including photographs of both the construction phase and finished project.