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2 new hydro projects commissioned in the Scottish Highlands by Gilkes Energy

9th January 2017

Gilkes Energy is delighted to announce that a further two new hydro projects totalling 2.1MW have now been commissioned and started generating.
Taodail Hydro is located near the village of Strathcarron, Wester Ross in the Western Scottish Highlands. It is a 1.35MW, medium head, high-flow project incorporating twin intakes, large-bore pipeline and a twin-jet Turgo turbine.
Kendrum Hydro is located on the Edinchip Estate, Lochearnhead, to the west of Loch Earn. It is a 0.75MW, medium-head, medium-flow project incorporating a single intake, medium bore pipeline and a four-jet vertical Pelton turbine. The photo above shows the vertical Pelton turbine under installation in the Kendrum powerhouse.
Taodail was commissioned in September and Kendrum in December 2016.
Commenting on the project, David Tomb of Gilkes Energy who led the project management said "We're very pleased to have delivered another 2 projects on time and budget. The two projects are similar in some respects: both have similar length pipelines (2km) and are considered 'medium-head' as the water drops a vertical distance in the range 100-150m (the "Head" of the scheme). In many other respects they are different: for example Taodail uses 2 intakes to capture the necessary catchment, uses twice the flow rate of water and has nearly twice the power output of Kendrum. Kendrum uses a single intake and unusually uses a Gilkes vertical 4-jet Pelton turbine which provides very high efficiencies across a broad operating range and also has a small footprint which reduces the size and cost of the powerhouse. The compact 4-jet Pelton is a new development from Gilkes and is perfect for this site. Both projects had their respective engineering and construction challenges. The hydraulic design of the Taodail pipeline was particularly challenging due to a very flat gradient in its upper section, and some challenging weather conditions."
Commenting on the project, Carl Crompton Director of Gilkes Energy said "The Taodail and Kendrum projects are our 12th and 13th hydro project to be commissioned in the last 3 years - all on time and budget. The two projects have supported approximately 30 full-time jobs at a very local level, for the duration of the construction period, along with 7-8 highly skilled engineering and project management jobs, all based in Scotland. As they now move into the operational phase, the projects will now contribute to the UK's renewable energy targets by generating low-cost, clean energy from rainfall for many years to come. Well done to the Gilkes Energy team for delivering again."
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