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2MW Lochy Hydro Project starts generating

28th July 2016

We are delighted to announce that the 2MW Lochy Hydro Project has now started generating.
The project is located located at Inverlochy, just east of Dalmally, Argyll, Western Scotland.
Commenting on the project, Fraser Allison of Gilkes Energy who led the project management said "The 2MW Lochy Hydro project is a classic medium-head, high-flow design incorporating a large single intake, large-bore pipeline and twin Gilkes Francis turbines in a purpose built powerhouse.
The project has been interesting and technically challenging in a number of ways; the project involved a 3.4km large-bore GRP pipeline and a high flow rate relative to its power output. The pipeline route passed through some technically challenging areas including areas of peat and hard rock. Additionally the weather in winter and spring was quite harsh leading to some delays. However, despite these challenges we have delivered the project on time. We have been working on this ambitious project for more than five years and it's very satisfying to finally now see it come to fruition and start generating electricity. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on this project."
Commenting on the project, Carl Crompton Director of Gilkes Energy said "The Lochy project is our 9th hydro project to be commissioned in the last 3 years - all on time and budget. The project is physically next to the 1.5MW Eas a Ghaill project which was commissioned in December 2015. Both projects blend in discretely and sensitively with their respective landscapes. They are environmentally and ecologically benign, have a long lifetime, contribute to the UK's renewable energy targets and are generally supported by local communities and the wider general public. What's not to like about them!
Both projects were only made possible by the current Feed In Tariff "FiT" mechanism. Although the FiT is a form of subsidy it is "money well spent" in that it contributes to the fight against climate change and has a positive 'ripple effect' on both the local economy and on a number of UK manufacturers. Unfortunately, the recent cuts to the Hydro Feed-In-Tariff mean that great projects such as these will unlikely be developed in the future."
Click here for more information on the project including photographs of both the construction phase and finished project.