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Watch video of Pattack Hydro at full power

20th September 2018

Click here to see a video of the Pattack Hydro project at full power (5MW).

The Pattack Hydro project was one of four hydro projects commissioned in September 2017. The large dam is one of the largest structures designed and built to date by Gilkes Energy. 

Commenting on the project, Carl Crompton, Director of Gilkes Energy said: "Following a very hot and dry summer, normal British weather has returned with a vengeance! The video shows the raw power of water and demonstrates how dam structures need to be carefully designed to accommodate much larger flows than the hydro turbine uses during normal operation. The water flowing over the dam is known as 'spill' and is the excess water in addition to that used to generate 5MW of power.

Gilkes Energy's focus is now on operating our portfolio of generating assets as efficiently as possible. We use a range of techniques from remote monitoring via satellite to 'hands-on' cleaning of intakes. In 2018 alone we've seen the weather change from a drought in spring and summer, to an extremely wet September, and we need to ensure our projects can handle everything nature throws at them."