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Ben Glas

The Ben Glas Hydro Project is a 1.3MW scheme located on the Glenfalloch Estate at the north end of Loch Lomond, Western Scotland.

A 3.3km pipe transfers water from two intakes to the powerhouse. This vertical drop, known as the 'Gross Head' of the project is 316m. The pipeline is made of High Performance Poly Ethylene (HPPE) in the upper section, and Ductile Iron (DI) in the lower section. A Gilkes Twin-Jet Pelton solution is used, operating at a design flow of 500 l/s. This turbine is an impulse type turbine which is optimised for high-head, low-to-medium-flow applications and provides high efficiency at peak power.

Construction mobilization will start in August 2015. As well as being an investment partner in the project, Gilkes Energy is also the lead engineer, providing design, project management and construction supervision services during the construction phase, as well as managing the operation and maintenance of the facility thereafter. The lead civil contractor is George McNaugton & Son, an experienced civil contractor based locally in Lochgilphead.

The project started generating in September 2016 and was delivered on time and on budget.

See photographs above of both the construction phase and the finished project.


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