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The Broom scheme is located on the edge of the A9 to the south of Pitlochry, on the Atholl Estate. The Estate constructed this scheme in tandem with a second project at Dowally which is installed approximately 5 miles south on the A9.

A 2km pipe transfers water from the intake to the turbine house which is situated close to the A9. This provides a Gross Head of 163m.

The pipeline is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which was chosen as the suitable material. The turbine used in this scheme was chosen to be a Gilkes Twin Jet Pelton operating at a design flow of 400l/s and a speed of 1,000rpm. This turbine is an impulse turbine which is optimised for high-head applications and provides high efficiency across the full range of flows.

Using this turbine it is possible to produce 483kW of power. This scheme is grid connected and all power produced is exported. The average annual energy production (AAEP) is 1,400MWh and the scheme is to benefit from the UK Feed In Tariff (FiTs) subsidy mechanism.

The lead consultants on the scheme were Interhydro Technology and the main civil contractors were Askams. The scheme secured many local jobs during its 18 month design and construction phase and the income from the scheme will contribute to the ongoing upkeep of the Atholl Estate.

Along with providing the Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) equipment, Gilkes, via their financing subsidiary, Gilkes Energy, provided a financing package. The package reduced the initial funding requirement form the Estate and is linked to actual electricity generation. Gilkes and the Estate are therefore long-term financial partners and share the risks and the rewards of the project. 

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