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Logan Gill

Logan Gill forms a tributary of the River Duddon, with the site being located just two miles from the village of Broughton in Furness. This site is situated in the Lake District National Park and hence added mitigations were necessary in order to preserve the natural environment.

The inlet of the scheme is located on Corney fell before the water travels 1km down a 600mm pipe to the traditionally stoned turbine house. The scheme is known as a 'run of river' scheme which means the water is used as the river provides it and not stored or impounded before use.

The turbine used in this scheme was a 16.5" HCTI Twin Jet Turgo system which has peak power of 450kW and generates approx 1,500MWh of energy per annum, enough to supply approx 300 average sized households.

The power which is generated is purchased by "Good Energy" which buys electricity generated by renewable projects and sells to customers who wish to source their energy from a renewable source. The project is one of the first in the UK to use the Feed In Tariff scheme (FiTs) which provides renewable generators with a guaranteed energy price.

The project is a Joint Venture between Gilkes and Ellergreen Hydro a developer of hydro schemes focussed on England and Wales.


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